“Whoever plays against Italy is afraid”, Fabio Cannavaro

By Antoine Rabito on Thursday June 13, 2024
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Fabio Cannavaro has given his thoughts on the national team led by Spalletti and the tactical approach adopted for Euro 2024. His statements highlight the importance of collective organization and the need to adapt in order to maintain dominance on the pitch.

In an exclusive interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Fabio Cannavaro offers an insightful look at the Italian team’s strategy and mentality ahead of the Euro. Cannavaro emphasizes Spalletti’s crucial impact, asserting: “The added value is Spalletti, he proposes important ideas, even if it’s not easy to implement them in the national team.” He highlights the tactical adjustments made by the coach, saying, “He is a great scholar and has analyzed the characteristics of his team: he has switched to a three-man defense, even though his soccer involves a four-man line.” Cannavaro insists on the importance of attacking outside players in this system, asserting, “With the 3-man defense, you have to have attacking outside players because, if you use full-backs, the risk is of going too low.” Acknowledging the changing dynamics of modern soccer, he says: “Today’s soccer is different, it’s based on collective organization.” Cannavaro concludes with palpable conviction: “We are Italy: whoever plays against us is afraid,” reinforcing the Italian national team’s reputation on the international stage.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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