“We need to improve quality and intensity”, Luciano Spalletti

By Antoine Rabito on Wednesday June 5, 2024
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Luciano Spalletti believes the Azzurri need to improve quality and intensity, but he remains optimistic because he knows his players well.

“I’d expected a game like this. We’ve been working hard physically, so I was expecting a bit of fatigue. However, I was expecting more quality in the opponent’s half, without which everything becomes more difficult. We let them keep the ball too many times and we were stretched too many times. If you keep the ball more, you make shorter runs and everything is easier. It turned out that we weren’t fully fit, too, because we didn’t manage the ball too well. It’s not a game that makes me optimistic or pessimistic. What makes me optimistic is the fact that I know my players well. Obviously, we need to do more than we did tonight. This match is useful for further growth. We tried to do a few things. We lost the ball too easily, and these things have an impact. We need to improve quality and intensity, even if intensity is a consequence of the game. We can do more in the final third and on the wings. One-on-one situations can make the difference,” said Spalletti at a press conference, quoted by TMW.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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