“We hope to win against Italy”, Igli Tare

By Antoine Rabito on Saturday June 15, 2024
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

In a recent interview with SportWeek, Igli Tare shared his thoughts on tonight’s Euro 2024 match between Italy and Albania. This will be the first outing for both teams in the competition. For the Albanian soccer legend, this match is much more than just a sporting encounter; he sees it as a real derby, charged with emotion and symbolism.

“More than a match, for us it’s a derby. We feel like another region of Italy, and our boys still dream of Serie A, not the Premier League,” said Tare, expressing the cultural and sporting importance of this face-off for the Albanian team. Asked about his team’s expectations, Tare expressed a mixture of confidence and respect for the Italian national team. “We hope to win, of course, but if there’s one team I’d least regret losing to, it’s the Italian national team,” he declared, underlining the deep admiration and respect he feels for his footballing neighbors.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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