“We don’t know if Garcia was Napoli’s 3rd or 18th choice”, Giancarlo Marocchi

By Antoine Rabito on Monday January 1, 2024
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Giancarlo Marocchi, a former Juventus player, analyzed Napoli’s poor start to the season in a recent media interview. Firstly, he spoke of Garcia’s choice of coach, which seems to have gone badly wrong, and then examined De Laurentiis’s recent mea-culpa.

“Let’s take De Laurentiis’s statements and pretend everything is his fault. Because, first of all, the change of coach affair was badly managed, and we arrive at Garcia after having heard about twenty of them and having given importance to these discussions with all these coaches. A coach comes in who we haven’t quite understood whether he was the third, eighth or eighteenth choice,” he began. He goes on to point the finger at the team’s players. For him, over-confidence after the Scudetto was a determining factor. “It’s already difficult to motivate players who have already won and who are about to expire, like Zielinski, who was important last year and this year is a shadow of his former self. All this management has been decided by De Laurentiis. Something is happening that is not the fault of the players. When you win, you think you’ve become better, without needing your team-mate or your coach. We don’t do it on purpose, we haven’t become arrogant in general, but that’s what we think in soccer,” he concluded.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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