“Vlahovic has a brighter future than Lukaku”, Massimo Mauro

By Antoine Rabito on Wednesday August 9, 2023
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Former Juventus player Massimo Mauro also spoke about the club’s mercato. He spoke of the opportunity to swap Dusan Vlahovic for Romelu Lukaku. In his opinion, the Serbian is much more promising for the Old Lady than the Belgian.

“Dusan Vlahovic is 23, Romelu 30. Vlahovic has a brighter future than Lukaku, that’s objective. Soccer is made up of choices, the field will tell who benefits. I say and I repeat. I would keep Vlahovic, give him time and play a match to improve his qualities. The million-dollar question is always the same. If Dusan has scored 14 goals in 42 games, is it all his fault or Juventus’ games?” Massimo Mauro told La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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