“Too early for definitive opinions on Super League”, Paolo Scaroni

By Antoine Rabito on Friday December 22, 2023
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AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni believes it is currently “too early” to give a definitive opinion on the European Super League project, but has suggested that there are problems with the current systems in place.

The Rossoneri executive spoke to Tg1 on Thursday evening. Rather than divulge the subject of Super League, Scaroni instead highlighted the difficulties Serie A teams will face if the League wants to get rid of the growth decree. The Growth Decree is a law that allowed Italian companies, including soccer clubs, to attract workers who had spent at least two years abroad. Thanks to this decree, clubs were able to reduce the gross costs of players and trainers from outside the peninsula by 50%. The abolition of the decree on the growth of Italian soccer clubs is one of the “shortcomings” of the current system, according to Scaroni, who did not express his support for Super League, but neither did he categorically reject it. “We have begun a process of discussion with all the bodies concerned, starting with Lega Serie A. But it’s too early to give definitive opinions. There are flaws in our system, and we’ve never benefited from them. We could benefit from foreign talent through tax incentives, but that’s been done away with. I hope those in charge will remedy this, because it will be a major blow for Serie A,” he said, as reported by Sport MediaSet.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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