The torch still burns between Marco Serra and Jose Mourinho

By Antoine Rabito on Thursday March 2, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

The match between Cremonese and Roma, which saw the expulsion of José Mourinho, continues to cause a lot of ink and spit. Several hours later, the two men continue to explain themselves in a violent way in the media.

Following an altercation between him and the fourth referee of Cremonese – Roma Marco Serra, Jose Mourinho was expelled. An unfair expulsion according to the Special One who revealed that the judge would have disrespected him. A few hours later, the two men continue to explain themselves in the columns of Corriere Dello Sport. “If you have balls, if you are a man, repeat what you told me on the field, then you owe me an apology and that’s it,” said Jose Mourinho. “Apologize to me for what? I don’t have to apologize to anyone, I didn’t say anything,” Serra reportedly replied. Hence the even angrier response of the Portuguese “Liar”. “Well, I expected it, I knew you were going to invent this story…”, would have been Serra’s reply.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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