The nine points of the Juventus appeal for the withdrawal of the 15 points

By Antoine Rabito on Friday March 3, 2023
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Juventus Turin has been stripped of 15 points this season in Serie A due to accounting fraud in player transfers. The Old Lady is not going to sit back. A little more than a month later, the Piedmont club has prepared a 100-page appeal with 9 key points, reports Il Corriere Dello Sport.

Here are the 9 points of Juventus’s appeal:

1 – The appeal for revocation of the federal prosecutor had to be declared inadmissible.

2 – Violation of the “thema decidendum”: the Court used the evidence of the criminal investigation to construct, in reality, a new accusation.

3 – The Federal Court of Appeal disregarded the explanations offered by the Juventus defense.

4 – Challenge to a violation not provided for in the regulations.

5 – Failure to evaluate the decisive elements.

6 – Procedural defect: failure of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to file the note of 14.04.2021.

7 – Disproportionality of the fine -15.

8 – Non-reference to art. 6 of the Code of Sports Justice.

9 – Failure to take into account a mitigating circumstance: omission of the motivation of the presence of the company’s organization, management and control model.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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