Suspended for two years for doping, Papu Gomez finally speaks out

By Antoine Rabito on Sunday October 22, 2023
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Monza striker Alejandro Papu Gomez has issued a statement on his social networks following his two-year suspension for doping, assuring us that his intake of Terbutaline was “accidental, involuntary and unintentional”.

The Argentine international was only signed by Monza this month as a free agent to replace Gianluca Caprari, who has been ruled out for the season with a torn ACL. However, it emerged last week that he had failed a doping test while playing for Sevilla in November 2022, and only now have the Spanish authorities imposed a two-year suspension.

“Following recent articles written about my possible anti-doping rule violation, I wish to inform the media and public opinion of the following: I confirm that I have received a message from the Spanish Anti-Doping Commission indicating that my license has been suspended for a period of two years.
Not only have I always complied rigorously with all the rules, but I have also spoken out as an advocate of clean sport and sporting conduct, categorically condemning all forms of doping. I have never used, nor do I intend to use, any prohibited practice. The alleged violation stems from the presence of Terbutaline in my system, which I accidentally ingested with a spoonful of cough syrup for my son, to relieve his cough. It’s important to point out that Terbutaline is approved for professional sportsmen and women and in no way improves soccer performance. Without going into the situation, I’ve asked my lawyers to look into the suggestion that the disciplinary case has not been dealt with to the proper standard. Finally, I would like to thank all those who’ve shown me affection and support during this difficult time in my professional life,” he explained on his Instagram account.

Antoine Rabito

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