“Spalletti not to blame”: Sacchi analyses Italy’s defeat by Spain

By Antoine Rabito on Friday June 21, 2024
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Former coach Arrigo Sacchi has given a detailed analysis of Italy’s painful defeat by Spain in their second match at the EURO.

“Italy, unfortunately, is not a team yet, it takes time, you need patience. We should learn a lot from this defeat. Let’s make one thing clear right away: Spalletti is not to blame. He is a coach who has been with the team for less than a year, he inherited a complicated situation and he is trying to give a style to a country that never had one. Serie A isn’t helping him, most of the teams play old-style soccer, not very much in line with European principles, and players find it hard to emerge due to the massive presence of foreigners. It’s too easy to list the mistakes. The marking was inadequate, the defensive phase lacked the necessary attention, and there was never any attempt to anticipate the action. When you think about it, this match showed the cultural difference between Spain and Italy when it comes to soccer. There’s no shame in admitting our inferiority, as long as we work like crazy to close the gap. Spain attacked us in every area, we couldn’t keep hold of the ball, and players who are technically good in our Serie A, like Dimarco, couldn’t either. We still have the match against Croatia to qualify, and we will have to show that we have learned the lesson that Spain taught us”, said Sacchi.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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