Simone Inzaghi gives news of Juan Cuadrado

By Antoine Rabito on Monday December 25, 2023
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Simone Inzaghi spoke about the Nerazzurri winter mercato at the end of Inter’s match with Lecce. The Italian coach revealed that he was in talks with the club’s management to recruit a piston. The reason for this is the injury to Juan Cuadrado, about whom he has some news.

Juan Cuadrado has been out of action since December 15 with an achilles tendon injury. The Colombian is not expected to return any time soon. Although he was expected to return in March 2024, his coach Simone Inzaghi has pushed back the deadline to April. “We are already in discussions with the club. The management are already hard at work, and we have a lot of matches. Pavard has only been back for three days from a dislocated kneecap, so we’re fine for the moment, but Cuadrado will be out until the beginning of April,” Simone Inzaghi told Sky Sports.

Antoine Rabito

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