“San Siro can not be renovated”, Paolo Scaroni

By Antoine Rabito on Thursday April 6, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

The president of AC Milan, Paolo Scaroni, insists that the Stadio Meazza of San Siro “cannot be renovated”, so the Rossoneri and Inter must look elsewhere for their new stadium.

AC Milan has identified the La Maura area, less than two kilometers from the Stadio Meazza, for its new arena. At the same time, Inter want to stay at San Siro, building a new stadium with their city rivals, near the Stadio Meazza, which would be demolished. Scaroni spoke about the issue at an event in Milan, in the presence of Milannews who reported the words of the Rossoneri president.

“Why is it not possible to renovate San Siro? What are you talking about? It is old and obsolete. Have you ever seen modern stadiums? AC Milan and Inter play many games and how is it possible to renovate a stadium where games are played once every three or four days with at least 50,000 fans present? Moreover, there is no stadium near Milan where both teams can play while the works are in progress. That is why San Siro cannot be renovated. I find this debate unbelievable and we have to go beyond this phase. The new stadiums must be full of people and pleasant to see. Even a stadium has a key role in TV rights. AC Milan has 500 million fans in the world and I want an AC Milan fan in Shanghai to watch AC Milan-Inter because he is enjoying himself. We should do what the Premier League does. The stadiums are part of the show, and that is the only way to get revenue and make our soccer competitive,” he said.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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