“Osimhen will start against AC Milan”, Luciano Spalletti

By Antoine Rabito on Sunday April 16, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Luciano Spalletti confirms that Victor Osimhen will start against AC Milan in the Champions League and thanks Napoli fans for ending their protest during the draw against Verona.

“He will start, yes. Osimhen has that physique and speed, you can throw the ball to him and he can protect it, use his head or use a change of pace, he has so many different alternatives. He is a hero to those fans now, so there is always a wave of excitement around him. They are players made of different things, they have so many alternatives. They fill the box of delights with all their diverse characteristics. For this game we need a little bit of everything, not just possession, but balance, moving the ball well and being a team at all times. That’s a quality you only have when the team is mature, consistent in their attitude and always on guard. The fans are fundamental, I have said that many times. We have had great performances away from home in stadiums where it was difficult to hear the home crowd. It gives more strength to a team like ours, they feel supported and can get the best out of them,” said Spalletti.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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