Mario Balotelli reveals the strongest teammate he’s had in his career

By Antoine Rabito on Sunday October 22, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Speaking on social networks, Mario Balotelli revealed the identity of the strongest player he’s ever had as a teammate. He ruled out Zlatan Ibrahimovic and nominated Adriano.

Even if he hasn’t had a huge career, Mario Balotelli has still rubbed shoulders with stars along the way. Some, he says, are phenomenal. But the strongest of them all, for him, is Adriano. “I’ve played with so many players, some of whom are phenomenal. I don’t know, but it’s Adriano who springs to mind. He was more devastating than Ibrahimovic. I have no problem saying that. The Brazilian, when he was well, was a real beast,” Mario Balotelli declared on Tiktok.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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