“It’s no longer sport”, Maurizio Sarri dezes the Italian Supercup

By Antoine Rabito on Sunday January 14, 2024
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri doesn’t seem to like the format of the Italian Supercup, and doesn’t hide it.

Lazio face an important duel against Inter Milan on January 19. The two teams meet in the semi-finals of the Italian Supercup. It’s a new format adopted by Italian soccer officials. And for this special insertion, the four-team competition will take place in Saudi Arabia. And Maurizio Sarri is not happy about it. The Lazio coach let loose at a press conference. “This is anything but sport. We take the money and run. We take everything that can be taken with myopia. We go begging for money all over the world. With all the scheduling problems, you make a Supercup with four players. If this is how modern soccer evolves, I’m happy to be old,” hinted Maurizio Sarri. So much for his clear stance on the matter.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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