“Italy must find its own identity,” Antonio Di Gennaro

By Antoine Rabito on Tuesday June 25, 2024
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Former Italy international Di Gennaro criticized the lack of real aggression in the Italian game after yesterday’s draw. He spoke during a recent appearance on TMW Radio’s MaracanĂ  program.

“Italy needs to find a real identity and nastiness,” Di Gennaro stressed, pointing to key moments when better determination could have made the difference. He placed particular emphasis on Gianluca Scamacca, stressing that the latter must seize his role as holding center-forward and bring out his personality. “He’s the starting centre-forward, not Retegui, you have to bring out his personality, it’s the matches that change your career,” said Di Gennaro, before turning to Chiesa. “Chiesa also needs to improve, he needs to be more decisive,” he added, underlining the importance of individual performances for the team’s collective success.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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