Inter’s Curva Nord destroys Romelu Lukaku

By Antoine Rabito on Tuesday July 18, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

La Curva Nord, a group of Inter Milan supporters, has expressed its indignation at Romelu Lukaku’s decision to turn his back on the club and negotiate with Juventus. In a statement, the club’s ultras gave Big Rom a piece of their mind.

“Those who betrayed you will come back, not because they like it, but because it’s in their nature. That’s true, because you, Romelu, betrayed all of us who defended you to the end during your bad times. We defended you when the fans of the team looking for you laughed at you, and now you’re returning the favor with a stab worthy of the best Brutus. You have embraced this coat of arms that is worth more to us than our lives. And now, like a cheap mercenary, you sell yourself to the highest bidder. Before you can be a champion, you have to be a man. And you’re not. Farewell infamous,” reads the press release.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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