“I love teams that play well like Napoli”, Massimo Mauro

By Antoine Rabito on Monday April 24, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Massimo Mauro, former Napoli player, has spoken about the sparkling form of his former team. He declared his love for the Azzurri, who are playing beautiful soccer, starting from a very good recruitment at a low price.

“I like teams that play well, that play better than others and that win. Napoli has drawn the outlines of a team to follow: it has bought the right players, with a well defined technical project. It is the proof that by planning, you can spend less and win while playing well. It is a team that can open a cycle, it has all the references to do so,” said Massimo Mauro to Radio 24.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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