“I hope Lukaku doesn’t score against Inter”, Marco Materazzi

By Antoine Rabito on Tuesday October 3, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Inter legend Marco Materazzi spoke about the way Romelu Lukaku left Inter. For him, his departure was a disgrace, but he doesn’t judge him because he doesn’t know his motives. However, he did say that Big Rom certainly won’t be getting a warm welcome when Inter take on Roma on October 29.

“It was a shame for everyone, but the results will show who was right. When he came back, people praised him, but I’d like to know what his motivations were. I’d like to know what his motivations were. Everyone knows what’s best for them. Everyone goes their own way, he scores, I hope he doesn’t against Inter and then we’ll see who was right. How will he be received at the Inter-Rome match (October 29)? “He knows it, I think badly. It’s normal that he betrayed us once, was forgiven and then betrayed us a second time. If we don’t go beyond that, from a sporting point of view, I think it’s all there. Inter fans are mature enough to know not to go beyond mockery,” Materazzi told FC Inter News.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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