“He’ll get what he deserves”, the Curva Nord promises hell to Romelu Lukaku

By Antoine Rabito on Tuesday October 24, 2023
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

On October 29, Inter take on Roma in Serie A matchday 10. Romelu Lukaku should be drooling for this encounter. The former Nerazzurri player left the club last summer. An act of betrayal for the Curva Nord, who promise him hell.

“He came back and we trusted him because we believed strongly in his words, but then he made the same mistake. He preached well after the final, saying that he was sure we would get back up together, then he fled Milan like a thief, without answering his team-mates, Lautaro and Dimarco above all, who are also brothers and with whom he shared more time than with his family. The Curva Nord, however, promises better treatment for José Mourinho, who won the treble with the club. Lukaku will get the welcome he deserves, unlike Mourinho who, after 13 years, will still be greeted from the north. You reap what you sow”, read the press release.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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