Francesco Graziani re-frames Spalletti on the subject of Gianluca Scamacca

By Antoine Rabito on Monday June 24, 2024
Credit: Photo by Icon sport

Former Udinese player Francesco Graziani has reacted strongly to Luciano Spalletti’s recent criticism of Gianluca Scamacca, vigorously defending the young Italian striker. Spalletti had described Scamacca as “lazy”, comments which sparked controversy in the Italian soccer world.

In a firm statement, Graziani stressed that Scamacca has obvious potential, but may not yet have had the opportunities he needs to fully develop: “Scamacca is strong. He has the talent to do more, but until now he hasn’t perhaps been put in the best position to show it. If Luciano considers him lazy, then he should have taken the decision not to play him or even select him,” he declared. Graziani continued, referring to a hypothetical comparison with a renowned player: “If Scamacca had played for Spain and Morata had played for Italy, their evaluations would have been reversed: Morata would have scored 4 and Scamacca 7,” he concluded.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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