“Allegri and Ancelotti are special coaches”, José Mourinho

By Antoine Rabito on Tuesday October 10, 2023
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Guest on Federico Buffa Talks on Sky Sports, José Mourinho addressed a number of issues, including the origin of his nickname. He revealed that the nickname “Special One” did not originate with him, or at least does not have the meaning he has attributed to it. He also revealed that there are many special coaches in Italy, including Ancelotti and Allegri.

“It’s not true, it’s like the garage in Budapest. If you don’t know English, you have to ask someone who does. I never said I was the Special One, I said I was a Special One, one of many. There are a lot of special coaches. In Italy, for example, there’s Allegri and Ancelotti. Some people at Everton said Ancelotti was old. For others, Allegri was mediocre. Unfortunately for them, Ancelotti continues to win and Allegri will certainly do it again,” declared José Mourinho.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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