AC Milan explains the need for a new stadium: “A new stadium is fundamental for the future of the Club

By Antoine Rabito on Wednesday March 8, 2023
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AC Milan has released a statement explaining why they are pushing to leave their current home in San Siro to build their own stadium.

In fact , AC Milan is currently working on a new stadium project without Inter, planning a 60-70,000 seat stadium in the La Maura district of the Lombardy capital. In a statement released Tuesday, the club explained why they are working so hard on a new stadium. “Having a new stadium is fundamental for the Club’s future, in order to return with consistency to the elite of world soccer. The Club wants to build the most beautiful, modern and functional stadium in the world, integrating it into an eco-sustainable urban regeneration project that will benefit all the citizens of Milan. RedBird intends to offer fans an experience worthy of the Club’s history and caliber, ensuring that AC Milan has a home worthy of its status and in tune with the times. The ambition is to create with the new stadium a global icon for the Club and for the city of Milan. The stadium will offer unprecedented accessibility and experience, providing maximum safety and comfort, as well as a range of new services to the public. RedBird has extensive experience in this area, having built the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium ($1.2 billion) and the New York Yankees’ Yankee Stadium ($2.3 billion), among others,” reads a statement.

Gerry Cardinale and RedBird have hired CAA Icon as consultants to help them find investors for a loan to build the stadium. Their current plans call for costs of about 600 million euros and the “cathedral” project has been abandoned.

Antoine Rabito

Antoine Rabito

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